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4 min readJul 29, 2020

EasyCard is a must if you are in Taiwan. What first started as an electronic transport ticket system has become one of the most common mobile payments for pretty much everything throughout the island. EasyCard services range from public transports to payments for parking to convenience store purchases.

You can purchase an EasyCard at any MRT station or convenience stores such as 7–11 or FamilyMart for around NT$ 100 each. Check out the different types of EasyCards here.


First, let’s get started with the transportation services. Two of the most common usage of the EasyCard are the MRT (subway/train) and public bus fares. The EasyCard serves MRT in Taipei, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung as well as public buses in Taipei, New Taipei City, Keelung, Taichung, Yilan County, Matsu and Tainan. Furthermore, TaiwanTaxi (Taiwan’s leading taxi company) also accepts EasyCard payments throughout the cities it serves in Taiwan, which makes the payment process a lot easier and more efficient for passengers.

YouBike (bike sharing)

Another popular use of the EasyCard is rental bikes. The YouBike system in Taiwan can be found all over the island and serves as an excellent “last mile” transport of choice. Renting a YouBike bridges those destinations that sit between two public transportation stops or help you reach destinations that are just a bit out of reach by foot.

Renting a YouBike Step-by-step Guide

  • Before you rent any bikes, please check the conditions of the bike (the tire pressure, brakes, lights etc.) *you would need a Taiwanese number to receive text messages and confirmation code — each phone number can be linked to 5 EasyCards*
  • Fill out these information *if you are simply visiting, please choose nothing more for your ID number*
  • After you register, place your easy card on the sensor zone (look below for the image)
  • When the green indicator lights start blinking and beeping, the vehicle is available.

Returning a YouBike Step-by-step Guide

  • Simply find an empty dock and push the bike all the way in.
  • If the bike is placed back properly, there should be a loud clicking sound
  • Then return and pay by your EasyCard

Here is more information on renting YouBikes with an EasyCard.

Using the Easy Card to ride Taiwan Railway and/or High Speed Rail

On the travel with e-ticket page of the Taiwan Railway, when you click on the EasyCard under the Boarding Certificate Inquiry, it should take you to a new window like the ones below (a mandarin and english version is provided)

On the other hand, Taiwan High Speed Railway cooperates with EasyCard and created a co-branded credit card that carries depository values. Hence, you could also use an EasyCard co-branded credit card to purchase tickets from Taiwan High Speed Railway.

Paying for Parking

EasyCard can also be used to pay for parking fares in certain parking lots, including Taipei City Parking Management and Development, LY Parking, Total Parking Service, Taiwan International Development Co., Lucking Parking, You Parking and DodoHome. Simply place your EasyCard over the sensor when entering or leaving the parking lot. Regarding transportation, EasyCard is also accepted at some gas stations like CPC Corporation (CNPC Taiwan) and Formosa Oil.

Other Uses of Easy Card


EasyCard can also act as an e-wallet. EasyCard cooperates with convenience stores such as 7–11, FamilyMart, OK Mart, HiLife and Simple Mart. These are smaller and more common convenience chain stores that appear in pretty much every city in Taiwan. Likewise, most supermarkets also take EasyCards at the checkout. Here is a list of the supermarkets (images below)

Here are some more places that partners with EasyCard

Beverage Shops



Fast Food Places

Besides grocery shopping and dining places, EasyCard also works with certain bookstores and stationery shops including Tien Chiao Shih, 101 Stationery Paradise, Chiuta Stationery, Caves Books, Daiso and Muji.

Medical Services

There are some smaller hospitals and pharmacies that also work with EasyCard.

*for more information on EasyCard, please visit the official website*



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